Backyard Pool Session with Rachel

Rachel and I started following each other in Instagram last year but we were never was able to find a chance to work together until this past summer when her brand new backyard pool was installed and it became obvious that we needed to launch the opening with an awesome photoshoot!

Rachel was a little Hali-famous for her struggle with her contractor and getting her pool built. The contractor took a huge amount of money and not long after the initial concrete pour was done, he disappeared. Excuses and silence for months and months. Finally after almost 2 years a different contractor finished the pool. Her struggle with the original thief/contractor is ongoing, but her new pool looks amazing!

Ah, yeah. We also managed to get her published for the first time in No8 Magazine too. 🙂


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Elspeth at Webber Lake Falls (NSFW)

Continuing with my Chasing Waterfalls series, Elspeth and I met almost 2 years ago and have been talking about and trying to plan a waterfall session ever since. We finally managed to find a Sunday morning when we both had a little free time and the weather cooperated as well for once. LOL!  

I’d heard of a waterfall just outside of Lower Sackville and since we didn’t have a lot of time, and didn’t really want to waste most of out time driving, we invited my friend Paul Girvan to come along to assist and help with some comic relief behind the scenes and we decided to go looking for Webber Lake Falls.

Sure enough, it was only a few minutes from the exit to Lower Sackville and relatively easy to find. Paul said he grew up not far from the site and never new it existed as it’s a little out of the way, yet less than a 5 minute walk from the service road. After finding a hunting blind and making sure no one was wandering around who would surprise us, we started planing out several shot ideas and got to work.

We only had around an hour to shoot and the water flow was a little lower than expected but we made the best of the situation and created some beautiful images despite the lack of water. 

I’m planning to come back here another day when the water is higher and try another session to see what happens.


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Fine Art Session with Laura at Fire Brook Falls (NSFW)

I’ve been wandering around Nova Scotia for about 6 years now photographing waterfalls. About 4 years ago, it dawned on me how the natural beauty of nature in all its splendor still paled until the curve of the female form was incorporated into those flowing lines of water and stone and forest to create some of the most magnificently beautiful images.

Recently I’ve been looking for some new art models to travel to these remote Nova Scotia hidden pockets of utter beauty to help me create some of my favorite images and was blessed with an incredible response which means that I expect to add many new images to my collection over the next few months.

Our first adventure happened over the Victoria Day weekend near Bridgewater. I’d heard of a spectacular waterfall about 10 minutes from town on Route 12 and invited my newest model friend Laura to join me for what promised to be a chilly visit along with my daughter, Courtney, to assist her on the trip. After some initial confusion about the actual location of the falls, we pulled safely off the road and made the short hike into the forest to find Fire Brook Falls. We were not disappointed to say the least. It is a spectacular falls that rises approximately 65 feet from the lowest pool and spreads through several cascades to be several hundred meters into the woods creating a nice private studio for us to spend the afternoon. 

Laura may have only recently decided to venture into fine art modeling, but she has done runway and commercial modeling for a few years and although only 19 years old, her dance background helps her create wonderful lines and makes her the perfect subject to become part of the natural beauty of a Nova Scotia waterfall. We are already planning a second trip to another fall later this summer. I can’t wait.

Enjoy the images and note that handmade fine art prints are available in several sizes to serious collectors.

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Fine Art Waterfall Shoot with K

If you follow my work at all, you already know that one of my favorite things in the world to photograph is waterfalls. Especially when I get a wonderful model willing to climb over some rocks to become one with the water. I believe nudes in waterfalls are simply some of the most beautiful images. Period.

So while shooting my 2016 Maritime Pro Stock Calendar one of the models told me how much she loved my fine art images and that she would be thrilled to shoot a waterfall with me. Yay! 

Sadly, shooting waterfalls can be a significant challenge because of so many variables between weather, conditions, weather, access and did I mention weather. There are literally hundreds of waterfalls to be found in Nova Scotia and some are very accessible while others require top physical condition and hikes that can be 10+ km in each direction. The weather can also be quite variable and the flowing water will *never* actually be warm. Spring is a horrible time to try to photograph people in waterfalls because there is so much flow, it can be dangerous, and extremely cold. Summer is better, but it still depends on the weather and if we don’t get rain for a few weeks, there may not be much water to give the wispy patterns that make waterfall images so spectacular.

Well, K, my wife and I decided to trek to a waterfall I had been wanting to shoot for a very long time over the Labour Day weekend and although it had been quite dry, the low flows made the waterfall look completely different from any previous time I had visited. It was also 30+ degrees, which made the water downright inviting. So we set to work and spent nearly 4 hours photographing several spots around Burnside Falls near Upper Stewiacke or about a 90 minute drive from Halifax.

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