Black Tape Project - Round 2 - Ophelia Lai

Our first Black Tape Project experiment was a huge success so we decided to tempt fate and try it again. LOL!

BTP Round 2 – Jim Vaughan, Bryana Doyscher, Ophelia Lai and Mike McCarthy (Left to right)

Knowing the second time around exactly how much work was involved we planned a little more and improved on the space and materials and invited one of my all time favorite models, the one and only Ophelia Lai, to join my very favorite MUA, Bryana Doyscher, along with my good friend Jim Vaughan to assist for the afternoon.

Bryana watched a few videos and together, she and I must have gone through a couple of hundred photos looking for inspiration for the tape work. This time, we decided to incorporate gold sheet vinyl for 2 reasons. First, the black tape can actually be a challenge to work with and unless you use the really good stuff, it doesn’t stick as well as one might think. Of course, if you do use the really good stuff, it sticks a little too much and becomes uncomfortable for the model. Yikes!! Second, I couldn’t find gold colored tape. And I know the 3M rep, so if we couldn’t find it, it doesn’t exist. 😉

We were sort of going for an egyptian theme / styling for this shoot and I think the team pulled it off perfectly!

The sheet vinyl actually worked very well and ended up helping to reduce the time to apply the tape from over 5 hours for round 1 to less than 3 hours for this round with Ophelia.

We also wanted to make it a little more of a “fashion” style shoot than a fitness session just to shake things up from the first round. After all, why do something a second time, just to do it the same, right?

One of the reasons I love shooting with Ophelia is that she has such great camera awareness and her poses flow like water through a waterfall. Endless and beautiful. She’s a true joy to photograph. Also, a couple of the images from this session were recently published in a special edition of DEZIRE Magazine as an extra bonus. 

Watch for round 3 this spring! Bryana and I already have some cool ideas for some new colors and patterns. Hope you enjoy the results!

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Bridal Boudoir with Mrs B

When we were first contacted by Mrs B last summer about shooting her very first ever boudoir session before her wedding so she could gift her special images to her husband on their wedding night, we were very excited to oblige. We met in person a couple of times to discuss schedules, preparation and shoot ideas.

As is usually the case with new clients, when Mrs B arrived at our studio, she was nervous. Excited, but nervous none the less. After spending an hour or so with our hair and MU team, and chatting a little more about her upcoming wedding it was shoot time and the nerves had subsided somewhat. Most of our clients find they start to feel at ease very quickly and usually within 10 of 15 minutes are laughing and having a blast. Our shoot lasted about 2 hours and by the time we were done, she was a natural in front of the camera and as we wrapped up, Mrs B was already talking about shooting again and told us what a blast it had been shooting with us. 

We delivered a selection of keepsake prints in time for the wedding and I’m told Mrs B’s new husband was thrilled with the surprise gift. We were also able to finalize the album layout and have the finished linen lay flat album ready and delivered in time for the return from the honeymoon. Mrs B was thrilled with the album and is now thinking of when to schedule her follow-up session. During the presentation, she was thrilled enough with her images that she decided to sign a release and let us share a few examples from her session. We hope you enjoy these samples of a real world client and hope you contact us with any questions you have if you are considering your own intimate portrait session.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a boudoir session, you really need to. Even if no one ever sees the photos except you. Yes, boudoir is sexy and intimate and very personal, but it is also one of the most confidence building and empowering things you will ever do for yourself. Ever.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram at @Elegant_Boudoir for samples from all the latest shoots and for special deal announcements from time to time. 

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Mini Fitness Session with Miss K

Just before the big East Coast fitness championship a few weeks ago, we were contacted by Miss K to help her document her fitness accomplishment as well as create some images that were also a little edgy, a little sexy and at the same time showed her inner feminine strength. 

We’re always up for a challenge, so I invited my good friend, retired bodybuilding competitor and photographer, Paul Girvan to join us for some pose coaching to help make sure Miss K looked her absolute best as a fitness competitor while also looking like a fitness model you might see in a magazine you would see at the checkout.

We tried a couple of interesting studio setups and lighting variations and Miss K was thrilled with the results. So were we. 🙂

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Studio Boudoir with Miss R

I met new model Miss R during an online discussion in a model and photographer group about a new “modeling agency” that has started to appear in Halifax recently. I’ve been an advocate for model safety and rights for almost as long as I’ve been actively working with models and would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the business practices of this “agency” which will sign anyone who shows up for a meeting and can pay the initial fees, which typically run close to $600 and is supposed to cover their initial portfolio photo shoot. Many photographers I know are willing to offer new models a discounted rate for portfolio sessions and the $600 fee seems more than a little excessive since six months later, I still haven’t been able to find any evidence that anyone signed with them has gotten any paid work.

So, Miss R and I sat down over coffee to discuss the modeling industry in Halifax and talk about her contract with this agency, what she hoped to accomplish as a model and what sort of modeling she wanted to do. I offered her a discounted portfolio building session rate and brought in my favorite make-up artist and regular Elegant Boudoir team member Bryana Doyscher and off to the studio we went! 🙂

Having only recently turned 19 years old, Miss R follows direction very well and is eager to learn, not to mention she’s beautiful and a lot of fun to photograph too. I’m sure you’ll see more from Miss R in the future.

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Ms V's Studio Portfolio Session

I met Ms V a few months ago at a photography event in Nova Scotia’s incredible Annapolis Valley. We’ve been trying to find an opportunity to shoot together ever since.

Ms V is  a single mom and a business owner who has discovered the fun and confidence building of modeling recently and we here at Elegant Boudoir were thrilled to be able to shoot with her during a recent stop in Halifax, we made the most of our schedules. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the images.

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Mikayla - Portfolio / Studio Boudoir

One of the most common comments I get about the photos posted here is “I’ll never be as skinny” or “I’ll never look like those girls” so I’ve been looking to expand my postings to try to better represent some of the looks you might expect to see when you book your own photo session with Elegant Boudoir. Until you experience this on your own, you may not actually believe just how good you will look, but trust me, another one of the most common things I hear is during a photo session when our clients see themselves on the back of the camera and gleefully shout “OMG! Is that actually me!!” We hear this *all* the time. 🙂

I recently saw Mikayla’s runway modeling portfolio, who has been doing fashion runway modeling for a few years, and thought she had a fantastic look that would fit in really well for a boudoir session and bring her unique look to this site. So I contacted her to see of she’d be interested in giving it a try. We met over coffee to discuss plans for her shoot and were both excited to proceed, so soon after we booked the date. 

Mikayla was a pleasure to photograph and our hair and MU team, with Cassandra and Bryana, did a fantastic job, as usual. We hope you enjoy the photos!

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Creative Glitter Series - Part 2 "Ice"

For the second installment of this series, I enlisted the help once again of the incredibly talented Elle Munster for MU and we brought in the incredible Amanda H as our model. This time, we chose the opposite of fire and went with blue and silver to create the illusion of cold and ice.  (more…)

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Creative Glitter Series - Part 1 "Fire"

A photographer I follow out of Houston Texas recently talked about a workshop on how to photograph glitter body paint. Well, travelling to Houston for the workshop wasn’t exactly in the cards, so I decided to give a couple of friends a call and see if they were interested in helping me experiment a little…

I also talked to one of the best known creative make-up artists in town, Elle Munster, and as soon as I mentioned glitter, she was in as well. 🙂

I wanted to do something in style with my more traditional beauty portraiture and incorporate a little more sparkle. Miss B was our first model and we decided to go with a gold and silver with red gelled lighting to give the first few images a fire-lit look.

The body painting took nearly 2 hours to accomplish and we had a lot of fun creating this series and I look forward to adding more concepts to the series. Enjoy!

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