[NSFW] Gabrielle in TSYM Magazine

While we remain under a province wide lock down and many small businesses like ours are shuttered as well for public safety, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. 

This week, vaccines were released to anyone in NS over 40 years old, case counts are slowly falling and we are hopeful that the current restrictions are loosened so we can visit our new camper in time for the Victoria Day long weekend this month. So yes, it’s a tough time right now, but things are looking up. 🙂


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Premier Issue of Krome Magazine - Part I (NSFW)

We were pleasantly surprised last week when we were asked to be part of the international premier issue of a brand new fine art magazine called krome magazine!

This is an excerpt of one of two sets included in Volume 1 Issue 1 featuring the incredible Toronto based traveling art model, Joy Kidston, from a set we shot a couple of years ago at Churchill House, Hantsport, that remains one of my favorite sets of images to this date.

Hope you like it too! Check out the new magazine and pick up your copy here.

Watch for the second set in the coming days as well!

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Kansha Magazine Cover with Katia (NSFW)

Kansha 32 - Web Banner-1

It’s been 2 years this month since we left our studio space downtown. We do miss it. Just not the lack of parking or loading zones. 😉

But we especially miss days like this when we had the incomparable Katia join us for a marathon afternoon shoot that has now resulted in at least three separate publications, including the latest – and my personal favorite! –  which landed us on the cover of this month’s Kansha Magazine!

Katia is always a pleasure to photograph. From our very first test shoot to our most recent beach shoot – that’s coming up in a new publication early next month, so wait until you see that one! – every session has resulted in spectacular images and yet another publication.

In this case, since we were leaving our home of many years and looking at exploring new options for a studio, we decided to explore some lesser used spaces around the building that housed the studio. After all, it was Sunday and no one else was in the building. 😉

We started on the main stair case on our way to some of the storage areas upstairs and decided to go for a little voyeuristic feel by shooting from through the railing upstairs while looking down as Katia relaxing on the stairs below. The result is the image you will find on the cover of Kansha Magazine. 

We also took advantage of the empty and dimly lit storage areas for the rest of the set, which you can check out right here. Hope you like this new set!

And, here are a few bonus images from the shoot that didn’t make the magazine but were still some personal favorites. Enjoy!

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Chasing Waterfalls - Ellen III (NSFW)

During a recent trip back home, Ellen, my daughter Courtney and I headed out early on a Wednesday morning before work for a quick shoot at a waterfall near Fall River.

My friend, and master photographer Steve Richard has been challenging me to approach a session with the intent of getting *one* amazing image and since Ellen and I have shot together something like half a dozen times and she is an incredible fine art nude model, there was no reason to think that we couldn’t accomplish that this trip out. 

I truly had every intention of aiming for just one awesome shot, until the very first frame we captured was this image…


Ellen III - Fall River 1

Click to view a larger version


We had literally been on site for less than 5 minutes and I only took a couple of test frames to ensure the composition was right before inviting Ellen to take her position on the rocks and this was really the very first frame.

We decided we should continue. After all, we had *time* since it wasn’t even 8am at this point. LOL!

So, we changed things up a little and came up with this image…


Ellen III - Fall River 2

Click to view a larger version


Still less than 10 minutes into the session and we wanted to try a different perspective of the cascades, so we moved a little further downstream where there a small pool and found this gem…


Ellen III - Fall River 3

Click to view a larger version


And we were on a roll. Not one, but three awesome images and we’d only been at the location at this point for maybe 20 minutes. I did eventually have to join the mundane day job ranks, but we wanted to try just one more idea I had. So, we repositioned and I climbed one of the steep sides of the ravine and Ellen got herself comfortable – I know, as comfortable as anyone could be lying nude on a cold wet and slippery rock. LOL! – and we shot this, my favorite image of the day…


Ellen III - Fall River 4

Click to view a larger version


After that, we decided there was no point in pressing our luck any further and with only about 40 minutes on-site, we packed our gear and headed back to the city.

I have a 16×20″ framed copy of this one hanging on my wall at home and it’s still one of my top 3 favorite waterfall images from the 5 years I’ve been shooting this series. The only unfortunate thing is that Ellen doesn’t live here and although it’s where she calls home, she doesn’t visit very often, meaning we probably won’t get to try to top this set of images for some time to come. But not to worry, we will eventually. 🙂

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Elspeth at Webber Lake Falls (NSFW)

Continuing with my Chasing Waterfalls series, Elspeth and I met almost 2 years ago and have been talking about and trying to plan a waterfall session ever since. We finally managed to find a Sunday morning when we both had a little free time and the weather cooperated as well for once. LOL!  

I’d heard of a waterfall just outside of Lower Sackville and since we didn’t have a lot of time, and didn’t really want to waste most of out time driving, we invited my friend Paul Girvan to come along to assist and help with some comic relief behind the scenes and we decided to go looking for Webber Lake Falls.

Sure enough, it was only a few minutes from the exit to Lower Sackville and relatively easy to find. Paul said he grew up not far from the site and never new it existed as it’s a little out of the way, yet less than a 5 minute walk from the service road. After finding a hunting blind and making sure no one was wandering around who would surprise us, we started planing out several shot ideas and got to work.

We only had around an hour to shoot and the water flow was a little lower than expected but we made the best of the situation and created some beautiful images despite the lack of water. 

I’m planning to come back here another day when the water is higher and try another session to see what happens.


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NUVU Magazine feat. Laura at Churchill House (NSFW)

You may recall seeing a fine art session I shot some time ago while I had the Churchill House in Hantsport all to myself for the day. It’s such a beautiful space and since my first shoot there 3 years ago, I’ve seen dozens of people use the space. To the point where it’s hardly worth using any more. That said, I always try to look for a different perspective when using a space and I hope you will find the 8 pages of images that were published this morning in NUVU Magazine’s Book # 33 (available for purchase at THIS LINK) show a different side of this beautiful 200 year old mansion in the picturesque Annapolis Valley.

NUVU magazine has very quickly become one of my favorite art nude magazines, especially since Volo is now defunct, and I find their editorial quality is incredible and consistent, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have been included among some of the finest art nude and beauty photographers from around the world. I’m already working on my next submission set for them. 😉

I hope to shoot with Laura again but I recently learned she is leaving Nova Scotia for greener pastures so I wish her all the very best in her life and future modeling endeavours regardless. I think you’ll agree, she’s got an incredible potential for fine art and fashion and a positive and winning attitude to boot!

Pick up your own print or digital copy at the link above and enjoy!

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Beach Shoot with Jennifer L (NSFW)

I’ve shot with Jennifer a few times over the last few years including an early edition of my waterfall series but it’s been a while, despite our efforts trying to sync our schedules.

We finally managed to find some time during a rare off weekend when my wife was working and I wasn’t playing catch up with other editing or chores that had been falling woefully behind due to my sometimes ridiculous schedule. So, we called upon MUA extraordinaire Bryana Doyscher and my daughter Courtney to assist and we went off in search of a beach that would sere as our background for a slightly more risque glamour session and not attract too much attention on a beautiful Saturday morning in early September.

Initially, even though we were in the mid-20s air temperature wise, the water was apparently *slightly* colder and Jennifer lost no time reminding me of that fact. LOL!

So, we decided to start shooting on the much warmer sand and work our way up to the cooler water as the sun rose toward its midday peak.

Although there ended up being a number of curious onlookers, the Nova Scotia beach goers kept their distance and let us shoot in peace. We did get a few looks from curious sightseers as the shoot progressed and most were followed up by a quick smile and wave when we looked over our shoulders.

It was a sheer pleasure shooting with Jennifer again. I’d almost forgotten how much we laughed when working together. 

Hope you like the results!

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