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Chasing Waterfalls - Ellen III (NSFW)

During a recent trip back home, Ellen, my daughter Courtney and I headed out early on a Wednesday morning before work for a quick shoot at a waterfall near Fall River.

My friend, and master photographer Steve Richard has been challenging me to approach a session with the intent of getting *one* amazing image and since Ellen and I have shot together something like half a dozen times and she is an incredible fine art nude model, there was no reason to think that we couldn’t accomplish that this trip out. 

I truly had every intention of aiming for just one awesome shot, until the very first frame we captured was this image…


Ellen III - Fall River 1

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We had literally been on site for less than 5 minutes and I only took a couple of test frames to ensure the composition was right before inviting Ellen to take her position on the rocks and this was really the very first frame.

We decided we should continue. After all, we had *time* since it wasn’t even 8am at this point. LOL!

So, we changed things up a little and came up with this image…


Ellen III - Fall River 2

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Still less than 10 minutes into the session and we wanted to try a different perspective of the cascades, so we moved a little further downstream where there a small pool and found this gem…


Ellen III - Fall River 3

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And we were on a roll. Not one, but three awesome images and we’d only been at the location at this point for maybe 20 minutes. I did eventually have to join the mundane day job ranks, but we wanted to try just one more idea I had. So, we repositioned and I climbed one of the steep sides of the ravine and Ellen got herself comfortable – I know, as comfortable as anyone could be lying nude on a cold wet and slippery rock. LOL! – and we shot this, my favorite image of the day…


Ellen III - Fall River 4

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After that, we decided there was no point in pressing our luck any further and with only about 40 minutes on-site, we packed our gear and headed back to the city.

I have a 16×20″ framed copy of this one hanging on my wall at home and it’s still one of my top 3 favorite waterfall images from the 5 years I’ve been shooting this series. The only unfortunate thing is that Ellen doesn’t live here and although it’s where she calls home, she doesn’t visit very often, meaning we probably won’t get to try to top this set of images for some time to come. But not to worry, we will eventually. 🙂

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Andivero Magazine - Submission Shoot with Brittany
I’m slowly getting back on my feet and getting caught up on a few things that have slipped through the cracks while I was sick with the worst flu (no, not the “man” flu – LOL!) for almost exactly a full month. I thought my wife was going to put a pillow over my head in my sleep more than once with the nagging cough that just wouldn’t quit. Three weeks that cough persisted and only once the doctor decided I had a lung infection (not pneumonia, but something else) that things started to improve. So, I’ve been back at work for about a week now and slowly getting caught up with things that were definitely neglected… Thanks for being so patient with the lack of posts – both here and on Instagram – while I was otherwise occupied.
You may have noticed a couple of posts here on my web site in the last week though as I did get caught up a little and this post today is one I’ve been dying to share since I first shot the set with one of my favorite models, Brittany Webber, way back in early October.
I’m a bit of a gear head sometimes and between (day job) work and the racing coverage I provide, it’s hard sometimes to get motivated to do personal projects. But back in early October, I received my brand spanking new Nikon D850 camera, which is pretty much the biggest, baddest, highest end dSLR money can buy right now and decided that taking pictures of my dog and cat just didn’t cut it. So I called Brittany and said lets go to this really cool location I know and put this new toy to the test.

Andivero 15 Cover

I found the location a couple of years ago while on vacation on the south shore of Nova Scotia with my family. We were camping near Bridgewater and my wife had read an article about how Nova Scotia had some truly world class beaches so we decided to make a day trip or two and find a few of them. Hirtle Beach was beautiful and Sand Dollar Beach (you can see a set that was published in Volo featuring Sarah James here) was pretty special as well. Risers Beach was great for tourists but I couldn’t find a lot I liked photographically. Then, on the way back to the camp ground, we found a link to Crescent Beach. My daughter said it was cool because you could drive the whole length and people did burnouts and such there since it was huge and the tide went out for days. We took a little tour and drove along the beach but never got out of the truck. I did really like the remnants of the old breakwater along a small section of the beach that stood between the sand and an old paved access road and made a mental note that I needed to come back to do a test shoot there.

Well, it only took me three years for the motivation to hit me and to get any great shoot off the ground, you also need a great assistant. So I called up my good friend Chandrae Bailey – the creative mind and photographer behind the Mr. Francy Pants series (@theofficialfrancypants) – to join us and help with the model and gear. It was a little late in the year for a beach shoot, but we knew when we left Halifax and headed south with light winds, sunshine, 18 degrees and the knowledge that we wouldn’t be in the water, we figured we’d be OK. The drive was great and the weather only improved as we drove 100+ kilometers south. We talked about the plan for the afternoon, the looks and general feel for the shoot and we were all very excited for the location.
Then, as we turned the last corner and could see the beach, there was a collective silence as we saw the Nova Scotia fog as it started rolling along the beach. 

We cursed. We cried (well I did) and then we cursed some more. Then, since we were there anyway, we drove along the beach to the breakwater to take a look and see if we could salvage a few shots. Once we parked on the sand and started looking back the way we had come, the foggy scene was… Incredible. Beautiful. Eerie. Mysterious. Breathtaking. All at once.

The first frame. Brittany nails it!

We only spent about 90 minutes on the beach. Poor Brittany was covered in goosebumps as the fog did make the temperature drop to somewhere around 9 or 10 degrees and she was a trooper. One of the reasons I love shooting with Brittany so much is that she is a true professional model. Patience, awareness and the ability to understand the concept and do “whatever it takes” to realize that concept. Every time. Without exception. I have said many times that it’s impossible to take a bad photo of her and I’ve shot with Brittany more than a few times.


From the first frame, I knew this photo set was special. One of my best / favorite shoots to date in the 10+ years I’ve been doing this professionally. A shoot this special had to be in a magazine, and not just any magazine… It had to be my favorite magazine. Andivero Magazine.

The last frame. Goosebumps and all!


I fell in love with this publication with it’s very first issue when it was first published in 2013. I submitted to it several times over the span of a couple of years and was rejected every time.  There is something special about this magazine, which was founded by famous glamour and former Playboy photographer, Paul Buceta. Out of all the online / digital magazines out there, this was the best of the best as far as I was concerned. Then in 2015, just as I had a couple of my fine art images featured on their FB page, it abruptly shut down. I was heart broken. Andivero had a true sense of self and was unlike anything else I could find at the time. Then, about a year ago, after a hiatus of just over a year, it resurfaced with a new look and content. More fitness meets fashion than fine art. It still had the same edgy look and incredible content, but somehow it was even better. This only made me want to be published in the magazine even more than I did before and I

Poor Brittany! As the shoot progressed, the wind picked up a lot and the temperature dropped too.

was working toward improving my craft and looking for that special shoot that had *exactly* what it needed to be as good as the talent from all over the world chosen to grace their pages. 

And along came this “test” session. Remember, We went out because we wanted to play with this incredible new bad ass camera from Nikon. Nothing more. And magic happened. 
I’ve known for a few months that we had been accepted, but couldn’t say anything or share any of the photos until the magazine was released, and that happened just a few hours ago. The wait is over. Yay!!!
You can join the Andivero mailing list to receive your free digital copy this month and every month right here. You can also purchase a print copy through MagCloud (or view a small sized digital preview) if you’d prefer actual pages to turn, right here
If you’d rather see the rest of the images from the 12 page spread, you can view a sampling here. Thanks for supporting Elegant Boudoir and again for your patience as I recovered from the flu. I hope the images were worth the wait. 🙂
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Fine Art Session with Laura (NSFW)

I managed to get my hands on an incredibly cool location a little while ago, a 17th century mansion located in the Annapolis Valley. Gorgeous spot…

I really wanted to explore some of the character of the mansion while creating some moody images with the model I brought along for the afternoon, Laura. I’ve shot with Laura a couple of times now and she’s really comfortable in front of the camera and follows direction very well to help ensure the lines and mood of the image is exactly what I’m looking for from my concept. 

I think I’ll have to schedule another trip this spring…

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Fine Art Session with Laura at Fire Brook Falls (NSFW)

I’ve been wandering around Nova Scotia for about 6 years now photographing waterfalls. About 4 years ago, it dawned on me how the natural beauty of nature in all its splendor still paled until the curve of the female form was incorporated into those flowing lines of water and stone and forest to create some of the most magnificently beautiful images.

Recently I’ve been looking for some new art models to travel to these remote Nova Scotia hidden pockets of utter beauty to help me create some of my favorite images and was blessed with an incredible response which means that I expect to add many new images to my collection over the next few months.

Our first adventure happened over the Victoria Day weekend near Bridgewater. I’d heard of a spectacular waterfall about 10 minutes from town on Route 12 and invited my newest model friend Laura to join me for what promised to be a chilly visit along with my daughter, Courtney, to assist her on the trip. After some initial confusion about the actual location of the falls, we pulled safely off the road and made the short hike into the forest to find Fire Brook Falls. We were not disappointed to say the least. It is a spectacular falls that rises approximately 65 feet from the lowest pool and spreads through several cascades to be several hundred meters into the woods creating a nice private studio for us to spend the afternoon. 

Laura may have only recently decided to venture into fine art modeling, but she has done runway and commercial modeling for a few years and although only 19 years old, her dance background helps her create wonderful lines and makes her the perfect subject to become part of the natural beauty of a Nova Scotia waterfall. We are already planning a second trip to another fall later this summer. I can’t wait.

Enjoy the images and note that handmade fine art prints are available in several sizes to serious collectors.

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Fine Art Waterfall Shoot with K

If you follow my work at all, you already know that one of my favorite things in the world to photograph is waterfalls. Especially when I get a wonderful model willing to climb over some rocks to become one with the water. I believe nudes in waterfalls are simply some of the most beautiful images. Period.

So while shooting my 2016 Maritime Pro Stock Calendar one of the models told me how much she loved my fine art images and that she would be thrilled to shoot a waterfall with me. Yay! 

Sadly, shooting waterfalls can be a significant challenge because of so many variables between weather, conditions, weather, access and did I mention weather. There are literally hundreds of waterfalls to be found in Nova Scotia and some are very accessible while others require top physical condition and hikes that can be 10+ km in each direction. The weather can also be quite variable and the flowing water will *never* actually be warm. Spring is a horrible time to try to photograph people in waterfalls because there is so much flow, it can be dangerous, and extremely cold. Summer is better, but it still depends on the weather and if we don’t get rain for a few weeks, there may not be much water to give the wispy patterns that make waterfall images so spectacular.

Well, K, my wife and I decided to trek to a waterfall I had been wanting to shoot for a very long time over the Labour Day weekend and although it had been quite dry, the low flows made the waterfall look completely different from any previous time I had visited. It was also 30+ degrees, which made the water downright inviting. So we set to work and spent nearly 4 hours photographing several spots around Burnside Falls near Upper Stewiacke or about a 90 minute drive from Halifax.

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