[NSFW] Bubbles - Untold Magazine

We may be locked down for the third time in twelve months and I haven’t picked up my camera in almost a month now, but there is still some catching up to be done as there are a few shots I haven’t had the chance to share yet.

Back in February, I got a call from my friend Amber who was looking to expand on her OnlyFans content and we hashed out a few ideas. One of them was to shoot in a bathtub full of bubbles and and the idea was born! We were joined by #DreamTeam makeup artist, Bryana and my good friend Paul came along to assist and we ended up creating a pretty amazing set of images. So much so that we submitted them to several magazines and we were eventually published in 2 awesome magazines. Dominante, a French based men’s glamour magazine, and a wonderful new high end magazine, Untold, where we managed to grace the back cover!! This was a wonderful surprise and are thrilled to have been selected for this honor and to be included with some incredible talent from around the world. 😀

We can’t wait for this lockdown to end so we can get out again to start creating some gorgeous new images!

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Hotel Boudoir with Ms D

We have been looking for a new space since we left our Bedford studio last winter and we tried no less than 6 local hotels before finding and falling in love with this boutique hotel just outside the city. There were lots of great features and backgrounds for us to take advantage of and we decided to offer a weekend special back in the spring to bring in a few clients and see what we could do with the space.

I guess you could say it’s a safe bet that we loved the spot and plan to use it again and again. 🙂

Enter Ms D. What an awesome energy. She is a fitness competitor and recently won the opportunity to compete for Canada in the IFBB Fit World Championship in Ibiza, Spain. So we expected the session to go well, but I think the whole team was blown away with the results.

We’ve said before how much we love it when our clients allow us to share the photos from their sessions and this set was so awesome that we even had it published in a high end Italian fashion magazine, Faddy, a little while ago. Check out the issue here: Faddy Magazine #7 – The Glamour Issue

At 40+ with 3 children, Ms D was an inspiration to all of our team and to top it off, one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to know.

Hope you enjoy the set. 

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Black Tape Project - Round 3 / No8 Magazine

No8 Opening Spread

After shooting a couple of studio based Black Tape Project sessions over the last 2 years, I chatted with my “Dream Team” make up artist Bryana Doyscher and we both wanted to expand outside of the studio and the limitations of shooting on seamless paper so we decided since it was summer there was nothing to stop us from moving to a nearby beach and shooting in my usual bikini style to switch the focus from the tape itself to the “wardrobe” design and the glamour and beauty of the female form together with the natural shapes of the sand and the color and warmth of the sun.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Logistically, “Black Tape” is fairly labour intensive and takes a lot more time to prepare for a shoot than just hair and makeup, sometime hours for just a single look. We’ve gotten much more efficient at the task, or maybe I should say Bryana has gotten quite efficient at creating the design and applying the tape and cut vinyl. 

Although the first two sessions featured mostly actual black electrical tape, for this installment and since we were expecting to have some fantastic golden hour sunlight, we decided we wanted to use something with more color and that could catch some of the golden hour light, so we went with a common craft brand of sheet vinyl with a holographic finish and toned in the orange and pink spectrum and all I can say is WOW! What a fantastic choice it turned out to be.

I had met our model, Teresa, about a year previous and we shot a boudoir session as a Valentines gift and she enjoyed the experience tremendously, so we talked about then about other chances to shoot together and she told me she would be thrilled to join me for this series. Now, Teresa is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and as a Masters Bikini Fitness competitor, which means she is over 40 by the way, at the pro level – in fact, she will be representing Canada in Ibiza Spain this fall at the world level of competition, so she is just about the perfect model to be a part of this series. Everything about her screams confidence, strength and feminism. 

So we scheduled a date, picked up the appropriate vinyl and put the team together. Of course, Bryana too care of makeup and tape design / application and Paul Girvan, my friend and fellow photographer (who happened to introduce me to Teresa in the first place) joined us to assist and we headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach near Halifax and had a complete blast creating this set of images.

We’ve been sitting on them for a little while now and my friends at No8 Magazine reached out a little while ago looking for some of my work for an upcoming swimwear issue and it was the perfect time to share the series with the world. To that end, this is the first of three posts that will cover this particular publication because not only did Teresa’s Black Tape set get published, but two other sets were included as well and Teresa made it to the back cover of the magazine! Yay! 

So, check out the gallery below and if you like the set, please support the magazine and purchase a print copy here – No8 Magazine in Print

Enjoy and watch for the next installment, coming later this week. 🙂

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Alana at Crystal Crescent Beach

To help celebrate her engagement Alana and I hit Crystal Crescent Beach for a fitness bikini session. We brought our favorite MUA, Bryana Doyscher, in for her magic touch and my friend Paul Girvan to assist and shoot as well. We were looking to create more of a “cinematic” set of images and I think you’ll find that we were quite successful. After spending several hours at the beach, Alana had to pack up and head for her bachelorette party, so we brushed off the sand and left the lonely Sunday morning beach for the tourists.


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Portfolio Building with Caroline Joy

It’s been a busy fall and we’ve been pretty non-stop now for months, which is pretty great because it helps this frigid winter pass seemingly much more quickly! LOL!

This session seems like it was forever ago, but it was actually only last August when Caroline and I met for the first time along with Dream Team members Bryana Doyscher (for makeup) and Paul Girvan (to assist) and headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach near Sambro for a portfolio building session that we offer from time to time for new and upcoming models.

Caroline, as I’m sure you will agree, has an awesome glamour look and can rock pretty much any swimwear with her tall and curvy frame. Just what a lot of swimwear designers look for when looking for promo models.

We always try to be creative with these portfolio sessions and try our very best not to provide the same boring images that a lot of photographers will provide. Sometimes the planets align and the “Dream Team” hits one out of the park and we end up getting the set published. Well, this was one of those times. 🙂

The set was picked up by Crush Magazine out of Australia (one of the Vanquish family of magazines that our followers will likely be familiar as we’ve been published in a number of Vanquish magazines) and heated up the January 2019 issue that was released just this week.

Caroline brought along a number of looks and when she donned the sexy red one piece, it screamed Baywatch and was the highlight of the session.

Hope you like the preview!

If you are a new model and are looking to shoot with a professional and internationally published photographer, we do offer, on occasion, discounted portfolio sessions with the right creative team and interesting concept. SO don;t be afraid to reach out to chat about what an investment with us for a portfolio session can do for your book.

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