Elegant Boudoir Studio Shoot with S

I’ve shot once before with S for a beach shoot and the results were wonderful so I was very pleased when she contacted me a second time looking to shoot a more classic lingerie set in our studio a few weeks ago. I was in a classic B&W kinda mood for this shoot. The results speak for themselves. 🙂

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High End Hotel Boudoir with M

I originally photographed M for a calendar a couple of years ago and we’ve been trying to find an excuse to shoot again ever since… So during a recent trip to Moncton, we decided to take advantage of a great hotel setting that was available to us.

Most hotels are very “cookie cutter” and don’t make much of a backdrop for a beautiful boudoir experience, but this particular room had great colors, lots of space, well placed mirrors and an absolutely incredible shower which lead to a couple of my favorite images from this session. 

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Boudoir Portfolio Building with B

I’ve photographed B several times and have even hired her for a couple of workshops that I teach from time to time. She’s without a doubt one of my favorite models to photograph. She joined our team recently while we had an incredible location available to us to help create some new portfolio images. I think it worked out quite well. 🙂

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Studio Boudoir with K

K contacted me as she was coming to Halifax from her small town home in Northern New Brunswick for a Christmas shopping trip and wanted to treat herself but also step a little out of her comfort zone by doing a boudoir shoot so she could surprise her fiance with the photos for Christmas. 

Because she was travelling so far we were only able to discuss prepping for her shoot through Facebook messages but by the time the big weekend arrived, she was ready and very excited. 

We talked and got to know each other a little better during hair and make-up and looked through the wardrobe she picked up while on her shopping trip earlier in the day and the plan was set. K said she was a little nervous because she had never considered being photographed in lingerie and was a little self conscious, but our team helped her relax and after seeing a few frames on the back of the camera she quickly brightened up and started killing it in front of the camera. 

As thrilled as K was when the final images were delivered, I hear her fiance was blown away. 🙂

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Elegant Boudoir Session with F

F has been coming to me now for a couple of years and has become one of our favorite regular clients in the studio. This time, she was more than willing to let us try a few new lighting techniques. The studio we’ve been renting for the last little while is actually in the basement of a commercial building and there are no windows or natural light, so we’ve been experimenting with artificial light and trying to make it look more natural. 
So, believe it or not, these images were shot in a concrete basement studio with no windows at all and we think it looks like these were shot in an apartment on a sunny afternoon with the curtains drawn. 

Lighting test successful and F gets some beautiful images too. 🙂

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