Sunday Morning Sunshine - Edith Glamour with Amanda

With this publication, we top over 50 print publications over the last 4 years in a wealth of magazines from around the world. The latest is also one of our latest sessions and one of the quickest publication turnarounds we’ve seen, barely 4 weeks! Thanks to Edith Glamour for accepting this set with the incredibly talented Amanda and assisted by my good friend and fellow photographer Paul Girvan. This edition provided us with 10 gorgeous pages in the magazine feature plus the back cover!

This is the fourth time we have used this boutique hotel in Halifax’s north end for client sessions and we absolutely love the light in this particular suite! Unfortunately, this time around, the striking, high contrast light you see in the title page only lasted about 5 minutes and with the clouds, never came back all weekend as the sky clouded over and was grey for the rest of the weekend. No, don’t get me wrong, cloudy skies make for fantastic diffused light, which always looks amazing, but the high contrast early morning light is magical. 🙂

Also, when you have a wonderful model like Amanda, it’s difficult to not take amazing photos and this set looks to be one of our most popular for publication to date, with 3 sets approved so far!

You can preview and purchase your own copy here:


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Beach Shoot with Jennifer L (NSFW)

I’ve shot with Jennifer a few times over the last few years including an early edition of my waterfall series but it’s been a while, despite our efforts trying to sync our schedules.

We finally managed to find some time during a rare off weekend when my wife was working and I wasn’t playing catch up with other editing or chores that had been falling woefully behind due to my sometimes ridiculous schedule. So, we called upon MUA extraordinaire Bryana Doyscher and my daughter Courtney to assist and we went off in search of a beach that would sere as our background for a slightly more risque glamour session and not attract too much attention on a beautiful Saturday morning in early September.

Initially, even though we were in the mid-20s air temperature wise, the water was apparently *slightly* colder and Jennifer lost no time reminding me of that fact. LOL!

So, we decided to start shooting on the much warmer sand and work our way up to the cooler water as the sun rose toward its midday peak.

Although there ended up being a number of curious onlookers, the Nova Scotia beach goers kept their distance and let us shoot in peace. We did get a few looks from curious sightseers as the shoot progressed and most were followed up by a quick smile and wave when we looked over our shoulders.

It was a sheer pleasure shooting with Jennifer again. I’d almost forgotten how much we laughed when working together. 

Hope you like the results!

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