Portfolio Building with Jenny Mel

I met Jennifer over a year ago now at a fitness competition in Halifax and when we chatted about possibly shooting something, she was quite excited and had never really thought about modeling. She had competed several times in bikini figure competitions and has placed in her category (5′ 9″ and taller) but had never actually had a professional photo shoot before. So, we made plans to show a few weeks later when I would be in her hometown of Moncton, NB for the Atlantic Nationals competition.

My good friend Paul Girvan does most of the pro-fitness competition photography in Atlantic Canada and for the last year, I’ve worked with Paul doing image logistics work behind the scenes at his shows. This trip, Paul rented a local studio in Moncton and was gracious enough to let me borrow the space while he was getting the MU done for his first studio client of the day. Fortunately, Jennifer is a morning person, so we were able to get into the studio around 8AM, no mean feat since none of us went to bed before 1AM or so! The iconic Vicki Martin, who is probably the best fitness competition MUA in the industry, joined us for Jennifer’s MU and helped keep my wife company at the studio while my assistant and very old friend James Vaughan and I decided to take Jennifer for a walk around downtown Moncton looking for interesting photo locations. 

We didn’t have to walk far to find this alley just off of Main St in the downtown core and I’ll let the photo gallery speak for itself. 

Images from this shoot have now been published in both Boudoir Inspiration Magazine and DEZIRE Magazine early in 2019 and we recently shot with Jennifer again during a trip to Moncton and can’t wait to share the results of that set too!

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Location Boudoir Session with V

V and I discussed shooting for several weeks before we finally managed to find a time that worked for her as she runs her own small business several hours from Halifax making it difficult for her to find the time to travel. So we met half way at a heritage property in the Annapolis Valley that has some absolutely stunning rooms, windows and furniture to work with.

We still only had a very short time that the space was available to us so we picked a few locations and a single outfit and off we went to create some beautiful images.

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Portfolio Building with B

B has been trying to build a portfolio and break into the local modeling scene. B wants to be a lingerie and swimsuit model and although she had shot with a few photographers from the area she felt her portfolio was still lacking. After finding my web site and looking through my portfolio she contacted me to book a session with hopes that we could create something worthy of being published in a magazine. Having had my work published many times, I decided to take on the challenge and see what we could create once we put our heads together. 

The result is available in Vanquish Magazine and was published in August 2016 and you can view the magazine on-line http://www.vanquishmagazine.com/bustybrunettespart2

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High End Hotel Boudoir with M

I originally photographed M for a calendar a couple of years ago and we’ve been trying to find an excuse to shoot again ever since… So during a recent trip to Moncton, we decided to take advantage of a great hotel setting that was available to us.

Most hotels are very “cookie cutter” and don’t make much of a backdrop for a beautiful boudoir experience, but this particular room had great colors, lots of space, well placed mirrors and an absolutely incredible shower which lead to a couple of my favorite images from this session. 

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Boudoir Portfolio Building with B

I’ve photographed B several times and have even hired her for a couple of workshops that I teach from time to time. She’s without a doubt one of my favorite models to photograph. She joined our team recently while we had an incredible location available to us to help create some new portfolio images. I think it worked out quite well. 🙂

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Portfolio Building with O

Although some of these images have been shared previously, I’ve never published them as a complete collection, so I thought it time to remedy that oversight…

I’ve been a fan of O and her modeling for a year or so and was thrilled when she agreed to come into the studio to shoot a glamour boudoir session for my marketing and promotional material. I was in the middle of shooting at Hal-Con this particular weekend, so it was a relatively hectic schedule, but we found a mutual time that worked and got down to a few ideas we wanted to capture and showcase.

I was playing with a new modifier in the studio, a deep octabox, and I immediately fell in love with the look and the quality of light it provides.

Hope you enjoy the gallery!

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Elegant Boudoir Session with F

F has been coming to me now for a couple of years and has become one of our favorite regular clients in the studio. This time, she was more than willing to let us try a few new lighting techniques. The studio we’ve been renting for the last little while is actually in the basement of a commercial building and there are no windows or natural light, so we’ve been experimenting with artificial light and trying to make it look more natural. 
So, believe it or not, these images were shot in a concrete basement studio with no windows at all and we think it looks like these were shot in an apartment on a sunny afternoon with the curtains drawn. 

Lighting test successful and F gets some beautiful images too. 🙂

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