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Premier Issue of Krome Magazine - Part II (NSFW)

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We were pleasantly surprised last week when we were asked to be part of the international premier issue of a brand new fine art magazine called krome magazine!

This is an excerpt the second of two sets included in Volume 1 Issue 1 featuring a brand new fine art model, Laura Conrad, who recently left us to move out west, from a set we shot as part of my Chasing Waterfalls series a couple of years ago at Fire Brook Falls near Bridgewater, NS. We had plans to shoot at a second waterfall when I found out she was leaving us for better prospects, however, the weather never did cooperate with us and it just didn’t happen. 🙁

We miss you Laura and wish you all the best in your new home!

Check out this cool new magazine and pick up your copy here.

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Xpressions Magazine - The Ka (NSFW)

It’s been a crazy busy year and I hope to add a few more updates over the coming weeks but I wanted to share this bit of good news right away. 🙂

We’ve been published for our third time in Xpressions Magazine ( for their December 2017 Fine Art Nude edition featuring a shoot we did with the incredibly talented Kelly “The Ka” Martell. These images were shot in an underground bunker about 2 years ago with my friend and fellow photographer Glen Burnett using only ambient light and a small LED flashlight as the source. 

I hope you enjoy the images.

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