Mini Fitness Session with Miss K

Just before the big East Coast fitness championship a few weeks ago, we were contacted by Miss K to help her document her fitness accomplishment as well as create some images that were also a little edgy, a little sexy and at the same time showed her inner feminine strength. 

We’re always up for a challenge, so I invited my good friend, retired bodybuilding competitor and photographer, Paul Girvan to join us for some pose coaching to help make sure Miss K looked her absolute best as a fitness competitor while also looking like a fitness model you might see in a magazine you would see at the checkout.

We tried a couple of interesting studio setups and lighting variations and Miss K was thrilled with the results. So were we. 🙂

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Ms V's Studio Portfolio Session

I met Ms V a few months ago at a photography event in Nova Scotia’s incredible Annapolis Valley. We’ve been trying to find an opportunity to shoot together ever since.

Ms V is  a single mom and a business owner who has discovered the fun and confidence building of modeling recently and we here at Elegant Boudoir were thrilled to be able to shoot with her during a recent stop in Halifax, we made the most of our schedules. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the images.

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Location Boudoir Session with V

V and I discussed shooting for several weeks before we finally managed to find a time that worked for her as she runs her own small business several hours from Halifax making it difficult for her to find the time to travel. So we met half way at a heritage property in the Annapolis Valley that has some absolutely stunning rooms, windows and furniture to work with.

We still only had a very short time that the space was available to us so we picked a few locations and a single outfit and off we went to create some beautiful images.

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Studio Boudoir with K

K contacted me as she was coming to Halifax from her small town home in Northern New Brunswick for a Christmas shopping trip and wanted to treat herself but also step a little out of her comfort zone by doing a boudoir shoot so she could surprise her fiance with the photos for Christmas. 

Because she was travelling so far we were only able to discuss prepping for her shoot through Facebook messages but by the time the big weekend arrived, she was ready and very excited. 

We talked and got to know each other a little better during hair and make-up and looked through the wardrobe she picked up while on her shopping trip earlier in the day and the plan was set. K said she was a little nervous because she had never considered being photographed in lingerie and was a little self conscious, but our team helped her relax and after seeing a few frames on the back of the camera she quickly brightened up and started killing it in front of the camera. 

As thrilled as K was when the final images were delivered, I hear her fiance was blown away. 🙂

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