Beach Season is Coming! - Fuse Magazine # 57

Each week, we are greeted with reductions to the emergency measures policies but we’re not quite there yet. We fully expect to begin accepting bookings starting in early July and have been taking advantage of some free time to get back into practice and knock the rust off with some model friends and we will be sharing some new collaborative work over the next few weeks as we anxiously await even more restrictions lifting. (more…)

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Summers Magazine #37 with Brittany

Last fall, we had one last opportunity to shoot with long time friend and favorite model, Brittany Webber before she left for a new career and life on the west coast. We’ve shot with Brittany countless times over the last 6 or 7 years and been published more than a couple of times as well, so it was no surprise that when we hit the beach last September the results were spectacular!

We’ve been waiting on the release of Summers Magazine ever since so we could share this set of images with you.

I invited my good friend Paul Girvan along to help out and the wind picked up a little while we were there, which caused Brittany’s hair to become a little unruly, but we played into it and had a blast creating some of my all time favorite shots with her. 

We wish her the best in her new endeavours and can only hope that she comes home to visit sometime so we can shoot with her again. 

You can purchase your own copy of the issue here: and check out the gallery below which includes a couple of bonus images not in the print managzine. 

Hopefully, the world will get back to normal sooner, rather than later, and we can get back to a beach and create some awesome new images this summer.

Take care and stay healthy! 🙂

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Backyard Pool Session with Rachel

Rachel and I started following each other in Instagram last year but we were never was able to find a chance to work together until this past summer when her brand new backyard pool was installed and it became obvious that we needed to launch the opening with an awesome photoshoot!

Rachel was a little Hali-famous for her struggle with her contractor and getting her pool built. The contractor took a huge amount of money and not long after the initial concrete pour was done, he disappeared. Excuses and silence for months and months. Finally after almost 2 years a different contractor finished the pool. Her struggle with the original thief/contractor is ongoing, but her new pool looks amazing!

Ah, yeah. We also managed to get her published for the first time in No8 Magazine too. 🙂


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Alana at Crystal Crescent Beach

To help celebrate her engagement Alana and I hit Crystal Crescent Beach for a fitness bikini session. We brought our favorite MUA, Bryana Doyscher, in for her magic touch and my friend Paul Girvan to assist and shoot as well. We were looking to create more of a “cinematic” set of images and I think you’ll find that we were quite successful. After spending several hours at the beach, Alana had to pack up and head for her bachelorette party, so we brushed off the sand and left the lonely Sunday morning beach for the tourists.


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Beach Shoot with Jennifer L (NSFW)

I’ve shot with Jennifer a few times over the last few years including an early edition of my waterfall series but it’s been a while, despite our efforts trying to sync our schedules.

We finally managed to find some time during a rare off weekend when my wife was working and I wasn’t playing catch up with other editing or chores that had been falling woefully behind due to my sometimes ridiculous schedule. So, we called upon MUA extraordinaire Bryana Doyscher and my daughter Courtney to assist and we went off in search of a beach that would sere as our background for a slightly more risque glamour session and not attract too much attention on a beautiful Saturday morning in early September.

Initially, even though we were in the mid-20s air temperature wise, the water was apparently *slightly* colder and Jennifer lost no time reminding me of that fact. LOL!

So, we decided to start shooting on the much warmer sand and work our way up to the cooler water as the sun rose toward its midday peak.

Although there ended up being a number of curious onlookers, the Nova Scotia beach goers kept their distance and let us shoot in peace. We did get a few looks from curious sightseers as the shoot progressed and most were followed up by a quick smile and wave when we looked over our shoulders.

It was a sheer pleasure shooting with Jennifer again. I’d almost forgotten how much we laughed when working together. 

Hope you like the results!

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Portfolio Building with Caroline Joy

It’s been a busy fall and we’ve been pretty non-stop now for months, which is pretty great because it helps this frigid winter pass seemingly much more quickly! LOL!

This session seems like it was forever ago, but it was actually only last August when Caroline and I met for the first time along with Dream Team members Bryana Doyscher (for makeup) and Paul Girvan (to assist) and headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach near Sambro for a portfolio building session that we offer from time to time for new and upcoming models.

Caroline, as I’m sure you will agree, has an awesome glamour look and can rock pretty much any swimwear with her tall and curvy frame. Just what a lot of swimwear designers look for when looking for promo models.

We always try to be creative with these portfolio sessions and try our very best not to provide the same boring images that a lot of photographers will provide. Sometimes the planets align and the “Dream Team” hits one out of the park and we end up getting the set published. Well, this was one of those times. 🙂

The set was picked up by Crush Magazine out of Australia (one of the Vanquish family of magazines that our followers will likely be familiar as we’ve been published in a number of Vanquish magazines) and heated up the January 2019 issue that was released just this week.

Caroline brought along a number of looks and when she donned the sexy red one piece, it screamed Baywatch and was the highlight of the session.

Hope you like the preview!

If you are a new model and are looking to shoot with a professional and internationally published photographer, we do offer, on occasion, discounted portfolio sessions with the right creative team and interesting concept. SO don;t be afraid to reach out to chat about what an investment with us for a portfolio session can do for your book.

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