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It’s been 2 years this month since we left our studio space downtown. We do miss it. Just not the lack of parking or loading zones. 😉

But we especially miss days like this when we had the incomparable Katia join us for a marathon afternoon shoot that has now resulted in at least three separate publications, including the latest – and my personal favorite! –  which landed us on the cover of this month’s Kansha Magazine!

Katia is always a pleasure to photograph. From our very first test shoot to our most recent beach shoot – that’s coming up in a new publication early next month, so wait until you see that one! – every session has resulted in spectacular images and yet another publication.

In this case, since we were leaving our home of many years and looking at exploring new options for a studio, we decided to explore some lesser used spaces around the building that housed the studio. After all, it was Sunday and no one else was in the building. 😉

We started on the main stair case on our way to some of the storage areas upstairs and decided to go for a little voyeuristic feel by shooting from through the railing upstairs while looking down as Katia relaxing on the stairs below. The result is the image you will find on the cover of Kansha Magazine. 

We also took advantage of the empty and dimly lit storage areas for the rest of the set, which you can check out right here. Hope you like this new set!

And, here are a few bonus images from the shoot that didn’t make the magazine but were still some personal favorites. Enjoy!

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Hotel Boudoir with Ms D

We have been looking for a new space since we left our Bedford studio last winter and we tried no less than 6 local hotels before finding and falling in love with this boutique hotel just outside the city. There were lots of great features and backgrounds for us to take advantage of and we decided to offer a weekend special back in the spring to bring in a few clients and see what we could do with the space.

I guess you could say it’s a safe bet that we loved the spot and plan to use it again and again. 🙂

Enter Ms D. What an awesome energy. She is a fitness competitor and recently won the opportunity to compete for Canada in the IFBB Fit World Championship in Ibiza, Spain. So we expected the session to go well, but I think the whole team was blown away with the results.

We’ve said before how much we love it when our clients allow us to share the photos from their sessions and this set was so awesome that we even had it published in a high end Italian fashion magazine, Faddy, a little while ago. Check out the issue here: Faddy Magazine #7 – The Glamour Issue

At 40+ with 3 children, Ms D was an inspiration to all of our team and to top it off, one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to know.

Hope you enjoy the set. 

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Bridal Boudoir with Mrs B

When we were first contacted by Mrs B last summer about shooting her very first ever boudoir session before her wedding so she could gift her special images to her husband on their wedding night, we were very excited to oblige. We met in person a couple of times to discuss schedules, preparation and shoot ideas.

As is usually the case with new clients, when Mrs B arrived at our studio, she was nervous. Excited, but nervous none the less. After spending an hour or so with our hair and MU team, and chatting a little more about her upcoming wedding it was shoot time and the nerves had subsided somewhat. Most of our clients find they start to feel at ease very quickly and usually within 10 of 15 minutes are laughing and having a blast. Our shoot lasted about 2 hours and by the time we were done, she was a natural in front of the camera and as we wrapped up, Mrs B was already talking about shooting again and told us what a blast it had been shooting with us. 

We delivered a selection of keepsake prints in time for the wedding and I’m told Mrs B’s new husband was thrilled with the surprise gift. We were also able to finalize the album layout and have the finished linen lay flat album ready and delivered in time for the return from the honeymoon. Mrs B was thrilled with the album and is now thinking of when to schedule her follow-up session. During the presentation, she was thrilled enough with her images that she decided to sign a release and let us share a few examples from her session. We hope you enjoy these samples of a real world client and hope you contact us with any questions you have if you are considering your own intimate portrait session.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a boudoir session, you really need to. Even if no one ever sees the photos except you. Yes, boudoir is sexy and intimate and very personal, but it is also one of the most confidence building and empowering things you will ever do for yourself. Ever.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram at @Elegant_Boudoir for samples from all the latest shoots and for special deal announcements from time to time. 

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Location Boudoir Session with V

V and I discussed shooting for several weeks before we finally managed to find a time that worked for her as she runs her own small business several hours from Halifax making it difficult for her to find the time to travel. So we met half way at a heritage property in the Annapolis Valley that has some absolutely stunning rooms, windows and furniture to work with.

We still only had a very short time that the space was available to us so we picked a few locations and a single outfit and off we went to create some beautiful images.

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January Thaw with C

I’ve photographed C on several occasions now and she has even helped me out with a workshop. As a personal trainer and body building competitor, she is the absolute definition of fitness and is an incredibly confident yet shy and down to earth woman. Without a doubt one of my favorite people to have in front of my camera, whether in the studio or as was the case on this cold January afternoon, this beautiful downtown Halifax luxury condo. It was grey and cold outside, but inside, C was turning up the heat…

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