Andrea and I go back almost to the beginning of my journey photographing people a dozen years or so ago and although we’ve both been very busy over the years doing what we do, we have always stayed in touch and when Andrea asked me to help create some new portraits to help show off her “tom boy” side, or really, her true self, I said “Of course!!”

I moved into a new shared studio space in the North End of Halifax about six months ago but things have been so busy between work, client sessions, waterfalls and pandemic shutdowns that it’s been difficult to find enough time to get comfortable shooting in this new to me space. So this seemed like the perfect time to experiment and adapt some tried and true lighting techniques for the smaller space. 

Suffice it to say that we had a blast shooting these images and spent most of our time telling stories, catching up and, as expected, laughing our asses off. 😛

Andrea was thrilled with the results and I hope you enjoy them too!