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Booking Questionnaire
Client Booking Questionnaire
Let's get started...
Please let us know who you are and how best to reach you.
Now, let's have some fun...
So we can get to know you a little better. 🙂
A "traditional" session is our most popular offering and is typically done in our studio or hotel, while a "Fine Art" session tends to be more "posed" and often leans more toward nudes than a traditional session. A "bikini/glamour" session tends to be more "outdoors" whether at a beach or some other outdoor location. Finally, a "provocative" session tends to be a little more on the "edgy" side. It's tough to surprise or embarrass us, so don't be shy. Remember, this is *your* session and should be exactly what you are hoping it to be.
Please let us know if you have any allergies we should be aware of to ensure you have the best experience possible, such as latex (some make-ups), fur, synthetic fabrics, scents, foods, etc.
Lets talk about your session...
We'd like to tailor the experience to be exactly what you are hoping it will be.
This will help us understand and plan your session
Is there something special you would like us to know or something we did not list?
Let's talk about you...
The real you...
We use professional licensed makeup artists who can show you what works best for your skin type and coloring to make you look like the best you that you can be. 🙂
Wrapping it up!
Just a few last details...
We wouldn't want to call you at home and ruin the surprise or let the secret out...
Please be specific. We need at least one way to contact you, just in case.
If not, please take a moment and look through the options available at the link below. It will open in a new window or tab, so you don't loose your spot.
That's it!
You're all done, please click the Submit button below and we will contact you shortly to arrange a private and discrete consultation and book your date.

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