Make Up StationYou’ve decided to book your session and experience the empowering freedom that comes from taking control of your image and cutting a little loose. 🙂

So, what next?

Your Elegant Boudoir experience will be something you remember for years to come and getting ready for your time in front of the camera is actually a lot easier than you might think. It just takes a little planning and some good ole common sense.

When you contact us to book your date, we will schedule a personal one-on-one consultation where we will discuss a lot of the planning for your session. Before this consultation, you should put a little thought into what you would like your session to look like. Do you want more of a traditional sensual look and feel? Something sexier? Something a little more demure? Maybe something in costume like a french maid or cheerleader?

Your Imagination is the limit

Lexie's SweaterSo let your imagination soar. Whatever your concept, we can help you realize the dream.

Once your ideas take shape, it’s time to start looking at wardrobe. This is a great treat for yourself so why not have some fun and include a shopping trip for yourself as well. Spend some time on Pinterest and browse the internet for ideas. There is no shortage of images and inspiration in the great wild interwebs.

We can help offer tips for lingerie and wardrobe that will flatter at our consultation. Corsets are always a great option. High heels in black or nude colors are also a must.

Fishnet stockings are rarely a good option and tend to not look as classy as traditional stay-up thigh high stockings or stockings and a garter belt, so your choice will depend on the look we will be going for.

Styling your look

We will have our makeup artist help choose your look to match the outfits you bring along on the day of your session. Muted colors like pink and white are always a good idea. Black and white lace never go out of style, while bright colors can seem dated very quickly and unless you have a personal connection, they should be avoided.

49ers JerseyHockey or football jerseys can also be a lot of fun when getting started at your session too. So if you’re shooting a session for your partner, if they have a favorite sport or player, “borrow” their favorite jersey for a special surprise.

Don’t forget to accessorize too. Earrings, bangles and a string of pearls are never a bad idea.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for lingerie, it’s a good idea to shop someplace where the employees can actually help you select something that will fit properly and flatter your body type. You don’t have to be a model or a size 2 to look good in lingerie. Our average client is much more “average” and with the right wardrobe and fit, you will look absolutely fabulous! It’s also not a good idea to buy a size smaller than you need with plans to fit at the time of your shoot. You don’t need that sort of pressure leading up to your session. Remember your session is most likely a once in a lifetime treat, so why not treat yourself with something you’ll actually want to wear after the session.

Some other fun suggestions for wardrobe you likely already have include things like your partner’s favorite dress shirt, loose ‘wolly’ sweater, casual / comfy jeans, knee high socks or a comfy camisol / tank top.

During our consultation, we will also discuss what you will be comfortable sharing with the camera. Many of our clients tend to be a little on the shy side and once they get in front of the camera tend to loosen up more than they expected. If there’s something you are definitely not comfortable with, please let us know. We’ll never pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable, but we promise you will find that as time goes on you’ll feel more and more comfortable.

Location or Setting of Your Session

We’ll also discuss where you would like to have your session. Some people are more comfortable in their own home, while others prefer a studio environment. Sometimes a hotel suite is a great idea and adds to the adventure. Finally, if you have a friend with a really nice setting we can accommodate that as well.

Leading up to the day of your shoot, try to stay hydrated and you will actually want to add a little extra stretching to your regular workout routine. Although we are taking care of hair and make-up right before your session, think about adding a mani/pedi a few days before. Clear polish or a french tip is the best treatment to remain color and style neutral.

Leading up to Your Session

As beautiful as you will look, there’s nothing easy about modeling and you will find that many of the poses you will be running through will actually make you quite sore the next day. Posing can be a workout on its own. 🙂

Porsche BoxterYou should avoid tanning in the days leading up to your session and especially a spray tan. Spray tans just do not seem to translate well and typically turn orange to the camera and should be completely avoided. Tan lines add an extra level of difficulty to hide when posing so try to minimize your exposure or if you feel you must tan, then consider tanning in the nude.

Shoot Day!

On the day of your shoot, have a light breakfast so you don’t feel bloated and drink lots of water. You should also avoid alcohol prior to your shoot as it’s easy to get nervous and overdo it. A glass of wine during the hair and makeup can be OK but moderation is key.

Do not wear tight-fitting clothes when getting ready for the session. Bra straps and jeans will leave lines and red patches on your skin and will be difficult to hide during the session. If you must wear a bra, wear a sports bra with wide straps to help spread the pressure on your skin and sweat pants and a hoodie will actually be your best friend on the day of your shoot.

When packing, it’s always a good idea to bring more than you think you will need. It’s always better to have something extra than to need something that you left in your closet.

Bryana doing Make-upOnce you arrive, we will go through your wardrobe with our MUA to help decide on the MU look so that we can match the look and tone of your wardrobe.

Then you get to relax while our hair and MU artists pamper you. Typically hair and makeup takes about 60 to 90 minutes, so enjoy it. You deserve to be pampered.


If you have specific questions about your session, take a look at our FAQ and if you don’t see an answer there, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve heard it all and every question is important. No need to be shy or embarrassed.

We are really looking forward to joining you for your special day.