If you follow my work at all, you already know that one of my favorite things in the world to photograph is waterfalls. Especially when I get a wonderful model willing to climb over some rocks to become one with the water. I believe nudes in waterfalls are simply some of the most beautiful images. Period.

So while shooting my 2016 Maritime Pro Stock Calendar one of the models told me how much she loved my fine art images and that she would be thrilled to shoot a waterfall with me. Yay! 

Sadly, shooting waterfalls can be a significant challenge because of so many variables between weather, conditions, weather, access and did I mention weather. There are literally hundreds of waterfalls to be found in Nova Scotia and some are very accessible while others require top physical condition and hikes that can be 10+ km in each direction. The weather can also be quite variable and the flowing water will *never* actually be warm. Spring is a horrible time to try to photograph people in waterfalls because there is so much flow, it can be dangerous, and extremely cold. Summer is better, but it still depends on the weather and if we don’t get rain for a few weeks, there may not be much water to give the wispy patterns that make waterfall images so spectacular.

Well, K, my wife and I decided to trek to a waterfall I had been wanting to shoot for a very long time over the Labour Day weekend and although it had been quite dry, the low flows made the waterfall look completely different from any previous time I had visited. It was also 30+ degrees, which made the water downright inviting. So we set to work and spent nearly 4 hours photographing several spots around Burnside Falls near Upper Stewiacke or about a 90 minute drive from Halifax.