I previously only had the opportunity to collaborate with A once in the past although we’ve talked about several ideas over the 3 years we’ve known each other but our schedules just never seemed to line up. So when I booked a gorgeous condo in downtown Halifax for a boudoir marathon, I gave her a last minute call with an idea for an image I wanted to create and she just happened to have a little time late in the afternoon so we were able to make it happen.  🙂

After working with our favorite Make-Up Artist, Bryana, we looked around the suite to decide exactly how we wanted to create the images I had in mind and we also discussed creating some sexier images as well. Since A usually does lots of fashion and is probably one of the best fine art models in the city, she doesn’t get to create images that fall on the glamour end of the spectrum very often, so after we created the image I wanted, we had a little fun with the fading light and created some gorgeous glamour images too. 🙂