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What is Boudoir?

To start with, the word “boudoir” itself is based on the French word “bouder” that directly translates as “to sulk” and traditionally has meant something like “to sulk in one’s private chambers.” Today, it has come in general to mean intimate portraiture and can include pin-up, swimwear, lingerie and much more. There seem to be virtually no limits on what people call boudoir today. In short, boudoir photography is an opportunity to capture sensual images of yourself for yourself. Although you might want to let your significant other take a little peek too. 😉

How should I prepare for my photo shoot?

For a detailed answer to this question, please read through this blog post or download and read through our Welcome Guide magazine.

Will my photos be shown on the internet?

Quite simply, not without your permission. Not ever. Period. We value and completely respect your privacy and as such we will NEVER share your photos on the internet unless you explicitly say you want us to share them. We do use secure password protected proofing galleries that you can choose to share with your partner or friends. So it’s your call to share or not. We will usually offer a token discount on your session or album should you choose to allow us to use your images in our online portfolio. But ONLY should you choose to allow us to do so.

I’m really nervous, can I bring a friend?

While we prefer that you do not have any distractions during your session, if you would be more comfortable with a female friend, then yes. A very good friend can be a great source of confidence. A male friend or partner, however, may not be such a good idea and in our experience will make you feel more self conscious than you think you will. If you’re really nervous, then let’s talk. Although everyone is nervous the first time they try something out of their comfort zone, it’s usually more of an anxious energy that actual fear, and in virtually every case, it will pass in the first 5-10 minutes as you start to become more comfortable in our safe and reassuring environment. My hair and makeup artist are incredibly supportive and may just be what you need to help you feel more confident. My wife can also be available to help you out as well. Many of our clients have so much fun, they end up booking another session!

I have stretch marks/acne/cellulite/whatever, can you hide or ‘fix’ that?

Relax. Everyone does. We are really good at minimizing the visibility of many minor skin issues with both lighting and posing, but when that doesn’t work, Adobe created Photoshop. 😉 We’ll just minimize any distractions and help you look like the very best you. We will discuss any special requests or considerations during our consultation. But don’t worry, we won’t change you. 🙂

I’m not as young/thin as the girls on your site…

Almost everyone says this, it’s one of the most common things we hear. You are beautiful. Just as you are. End of story. It’s our job to flatter you by using our years of experience in lighting, posing, wardrobe and editing to help create a beautiful photo. Age and size have nothing to do with that. We promise that your images will be the same quality and equally as beautiful as those you see on our site.

The girls on your site are gorgeous! I’ll never look like that…

Many of our clients are professional women and don’t want their images shared in public. We absolutely respect your privacy, so we shoot models to share on our web site. We’ve had years of experience directing, lighting and posing and we promise that you will look like the best and most beautiful you on your very best day. You will feel like a model and you will absolutely love the boost in confidence you will feel after the photo shoot. We promise!

What about lingerie or wardrobe for my shoot?

We’ll discuss wardrobe during your initial consultation in detail. Look at this as an opportunity to treat yourself. It is essential that you have matching and properly fitting clothing and accessories in order to look your best for your shoot. We can make some recommendations based on your style and the theme for your shoot as well as where to shop. We’ve also added a blog post that will help give you some general guidelines. It can be found right here. This will be a big day for you, so make the most of it. 🙂

I’m ready to book my session, what’s the next step?

If you’re ready to book a session, please select and book your session and then complete our questionnaire and we will contact you to arrange your in-person consultation. We will provide our preparation guide and discuss any questions you have. We will require a 25% non-refundable booking fee in order to confirm your selected date. Simple. Discrete. Convenient.

Do I have to pick prints or albums right away?

Nope. No rush whatsoever. After your shoot, we’ll have proofs to you within about a week through a password protected private gallery. Once they are available, we will maintain the gallery for up to one year and you can order any time while the gallery is available. After that, the images will be archived. If you choose to order after that time, there will be a nominal retrieval fee in order to reactivate the gallery. Click here to see a sample gallery. The password is 12345.

Where will my photo shoot happen?

That depends on your preference and we can offer several options including discrete service in your home, a local hotel or bed & breakfast or our rental studio. We have partnerships with several local hotel chains and can offer a hotel room as out “studio” at no extra cost for our Standard and Deluxe packages. Out Mini session packages require other arrangements for using a hotel and will require additional cost or a “Mini Session Weekend” special that may be offered from time to time. We can discuss your preferences at our consultation.

What do I need to do about my hair and makeup?

We want you to look your absolute best so we work with some of the best artists in the industry. Our make-up artist, Bryana Doyscher, is a former model (that’s here at the top of this page, BTW) and the Stila cosmetics rep for Atlantic Canada. She is a fully licensed professional MUA (make-up artist) with years of experience and can be available for posing assistance and to assist you during the shoot. Our hair stylist is Cassandra Prince, a certified Master stylist and co-owner of The Basement Hair & Esthetics with many years of experience. We also have a selection of alternate professionals should either be unavailable for your shoot. Their fee is included in your session fee. Gratuities are extra.

What about personal grooming?

Your personal grooming preferences are exactly that, personal. We will work our magic regardless and  will showcase you as your very best self on your best day. Our only suggestion is that if you do prefer to shave or wax, that you do so at least a day or two prior to your session and to moisturize daily. This will help reduce any irritation. But don’t worry, we are also very good with Photoshop and even if you have irritation it’s something we can fix later as well. On the day of your session, try to avoid powdered or gel deodorants that leave a residue. These are very difficult to remove later and can stain your gorgeous wardrobe too!

Do I need to be naked? I don’t think I’m comfortable with being naked.

Absolutely not! There is absolutely no need to “get naked” unless you want to be photographed in the nude. We will discuss your comfort level during your consultation and the theme, or concept, for your session and there are many options we can use to create images as sexy or demure as you want. Your session is a liberating and fun experience. We will never push you to do something you really don’t want to do. Your comfort is critical to the success of your photo shoot. However, our experience also tells us that you may very well surprise yourself… 😉

How close to my session should I get a spray tan?

To be frank, please do not get a spray tan or overdo it with a tanning bed before your session. Spray tans appear orange to the camera and there is no easy way to fix it afterward. If you use a tanning bed, consider tanning in the nude and only sparingly. Don’t try to get those extra couple of sessions in before your shoot. Tan lines can easily ruin the results of your session. Sure we can fix a little here or there, but if every image shows really light strap marks or panty lines it is simply not feasible to spend the time Photoshopping them out. It’s the absolute best if you look natural. Our make-up artists and experience with lighting will help make you look awesome, so skip the tanning and leave it up to us to make you look your best, naturally.

Oh no! Something just came up and I have to reschedule! Help!

We’re very sorry to hear that and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Please do your best to give us at least 48 hours notice. If you reschedule within 48 hours of your shoot, we will need to charge a nominal fee to cover rental and other expenses that our suppliers charge to us that may have already been billed to us. The rescheduling cost will vary from situation to situation and we will be happy to discuss it with you when you call. Finally, should you decide to cancel your shoot, there will be no additional cost to you, however, you will lose your non-refundable booking fee. The only exception to this policy is if you cancel far enough in advance and we are able to rebook your date with someone else. In this case, and only in this case, we will refund your booking fee as well.

What is your refund policy?

In order to ensure a consistent and fair policy to protect both ourselves and our customers, we have instituted several policies in regards to payment for services.

  • All services require a non-refundable retainer. Upon receiving a booking fee equal to 25% of the total cost of providing the contracted services, McCarthy Photographic will reserve the time and resources required for the services. Your booking cannot be confirmed without this booking fee. The balance is due the day of your photo shoot.
  • All product orders must be paid in full at time of order and are understood to be custom orders and as such are not resalable so they are completely non-refundable and non-cancelable once processing has begun.
  • Should accident, injury, equipment failure, processing errors or other such circumstance occur that prevents McCarthy Photographic from performing or providing the services agreed, all monies paid by the client shall be returned and McCarthy Photographic shall not be liable for any damages as a result of the failure to provide services.
  • No product (electronic or print) shall be presented until any balance has been paid in full.
  • These policies are subject to change from time to time as deemed necessary. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we will always do our best to provide the absolute best possible service.

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