As with most publication shoots we do, they end up being kept under wraps for some time before we can share them and this one was no exception! Brittany and I have created some incredible images together over the years and since I had a rare off weekend from the race track this August weekend we decided to hit Crystal Crescent Beach along with my friend Paul Girvan (@inked_photog) to dust off some rust and get the creative juices flowing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love racing and shooting every almost weekend during the summer, but you can only be *so* creative shooting fast cars turning left. 😉

So every so often, I’ll call up a model friend and we’ll dream up some concept to shoot and hit the road.

This time around we tried a mix of natural light, which was more than abundant in the mid-August afternoon and threw in some portable strobes and reflectors just to see how they would help or hinder our shoot. We ended up just using the diffuser built into the reflector and I decided I need to build a bigger one for next time and that probably means bringing along another helper too. LOL!

Even though these were shot last August, they were only just published in this past month’s issue of Goddess Magazine, one of the Vanquish Family of magazines. Enjoy!