For the last year or so I’ve been helping our my good friend Paul Girvan with handling logistics behind the scenes at the fitness competitions he covers around Atlantic Canada. I met Teresa about a year ago while covering a show in Halifax and had been talking about shooting but weren’t able to find a time that worked until I was in Fredericton for the competition in October and after having a particularly tough day, we decided to take 20 minutes and a borrowed camera and run through the hotel lobby and see what we could find for a set to shoot on before she started preparing for the evening competition.

I’ve stayed at the Crown Plaza in downtown Fredericton a few times and have always wanted to shoot in the lobby, but this particular afternoon, especially with a fitness competition going on right across the street and a wedding reception about to start in the upstairs ballroom, the hotel was particularly crowded which made it tough to get any space, but we did manage to spend a few minutes exploring the patterns and architecture around the spectacular stairs that lead from the entrance to the second floor ballroom.

We managed to spend a total of about 20 minutes exploring and shooting before I had to go back to work sorting and keywording photos and Teresa had to get dressed for the evening competition. I was really impressed with the range of images we were able to create in such a short period of time. Of course, Teresa is completely comfortable in front of a camera, which helped tremendously! 

Can’t wait to shoot with her again. 🙂