We all know 2020 was a tough year and that continues into 2021 for a lot of people. While many of us struggled through the year, a great many took the opportunity as it was presented to invest in ourselves. Whether that was to learn a new skill, 

finish a project around the house or focus on our health. If you were able to accomplish something you’ve been wanting to do, then our hat is off to you!We know it was tough and there was also a large number of people who struggled to make it but managed to through in one piece and please know we are proud of you all! 

Case in point is our client Ms G. An empowered and professional woman in every aspect of the word. Ms G has been working hard to improve her health this past year and one of her goals was to get to a certain weight and to help her celebrate reaching that goal, she booked her very own fitness boudoir session which doubled as a birthday gift to herself too. Congrats! 🙂

During our initial consultation I was really impressed with Ms G’s incredibly positive attitude and goal oriented approach and we really wanted to be a part of her incredible journey. She was a little reserved as she had a previous bad experience with a photographer who made her feel more like a prop and who didn’t seem interested in hearing *her* story and tailoring her session to provide the best experience and incorporate her vision into the final results of her story. 

It didn’t take very long to put those concerns to rest and when the #DreamTeam got her settled into their chair! We had a great time chatting with Ms G and getting to know her a little better and although a very private person, you can only imagine my excitement when she reached out and told me how much she loved the images and that she was so proud of them and reaching her weight and fitness goals that she wanted to allow us to share these incredible images. I know I’ve said many times how much I love it when our clients allow us to share their images, but it is especially poignant to us when it also comes along with such an inspiring story. 

Happy belated birthday Ms G and thanks for being so awesome. 😀