Who knew? Lingerie is hard. Style, color, size, feel. So many options…

So, let’s simplify things a little and make shopping for wardrobe for your upcoming session a fun and exciting experience!

First and foremost, it’s important to understand body type and shape. It’s a little taboo, but an honest internal conversation will go a long way in both making you feel more comfortable during your shoot and look incredible too!

Although everyone is unique and special, there are really only a few general body shapes or types. We’ll discuss each individually.

Athletic body types are generally thin and although well sculpted tend to appear more chiseled and less curvy. To help add shape and create curves, a great choice is boy shorts or booty shorts. With their strong horizontal lines they help draw attention to the hips and behind by adding the appearance of flattering curves. Boy shorts pair nicely with a great push-up or padded bra or corset for a great overall look.

Tall / slim body types also tend to have fewer curves and tend to have longer legs or torsos. This makes garter belts a great choice. The strong lines help enhance the “legs for days” appearance. Garter belts can help make legs look longer on shorter bodies but only on slim body types. With or without a garter, stockings with vertical lines are a great choice to accentuate and elongate the legs. Keep in mind though that typical fishnet stockings tend to end up on the tacky end of the spectrum but I’ve been surprised by what a great pair of high end fishnets bring to the look. By the way, a great pair of heels is always a great choice. 🙂

For more voluptuous body types, a corset can be a fantastic choice. Corsets are designed to contain and shape and a well constructed corset is worth the cost. Because of the way a good corset will lift and shape, they are fantastic for creating cleavage and drawing the attention up and away from the hips and torso. Paired with a matching panty and with or without stockings makes for a great overall look to accentuate the voluptuous body type.

For the more voluptuous or curvy ladies, a sexy negligee can help draw attention away from the belly or hips and cover up a little as well for those shy and less confident ladies. Again paired with a great panty and with or without stockings can make for a great overall look. There are also many new body shapers that are available in body suits or cat suits that look great and help maintain a little control. The best trick with more curvy ladies is the art of distraction and by focusing on cleavage and the face the results can be incredible. 

We are also very experienced with our lighting and posing techniques that will help you maximize your favorite features while minimizing anything that you may be a little shy about. 

Things like loose comfy sweaters, silk robes and other accessories tend to help draw attention but keep in mind that we don’t want to use large bulky items like heavy wool sweaters or thick furry wraps as they can quickly and inadvertently go the wrong way. Finally, black is a great choice as a slimming color. However, white or very sheer or see-through fabrics are not.

Generally, if you want to minimize a feature, clothing shouldn’t cling, so keep the fabric loose and flowing. Shorter ladies can add height by having slits in the sides of dresses or negligee and never forget that darker colours are slimming.

A word on colour…

Although most ladies can wear white, red or black quite easily, hair color can help point you in the best color direction. Blondes tend to carry lighter colours and pastels well. Brunettes tend to need bolder colour to draw attention, like deep greens and burgundy. While redheads can choose greens, blues and more earthy tones.

Finally, let’s talk about texture and fabric. There are the obvious choices. Silk, satin and lace. These are safe choices and are great for showing off your sexy feminine characteristics and will almost always work well for your boudoir photo shoot. Cotton can be a good choice for a camisole or t-shirt along with high wasted panties if you’re going for a more casual or comfy style shoot. 

Be wary of costumes based on holidays or special events. Unless there is a special meaning for you they can become dated quickly and tacky even more quickly unless done very well.

Want to live on the edge a little? Maybe consider PVC or leather. Both can look incredible in a corset and accessories but can be
expensive and more difficult to find. Often when ordering on-line sizing can be an issue as well, so you shouldn’t order at the last minute only to find that it doesn’t fit as you expected the day before your session. That said, leather corsets and accessories should last a very long time with proper care. Lycra is rarely a good choice. Ever.

So yes, lingerie can be hard but you can use this guide to help you make choices much easier.

Questions? Please post them in the comments below of feel free to message me privately.