It’s been over 4 months since I was last able to take out my camera and collaborate on a photo shoot with someone other than my dog – for the record, my wife just rolls her eyes and says “No!” when I suggest she lets me photograph her. LOL!

Finally, with some of the restrictions lifting and the weather finally turning nice, I was able to get out this past weekend with a couple of friends – using social distancing protocols, of course! – and met up with them near Windsor and we hit the road for Ettinger Falls. I follow a couple of waterfall groups on Facebook and recently saw a photo of Ettinger Falls and it looked like it was relatively easy to visit in an area where I was already quite familiar and had a structure that looked like it could work for some of my typical posing strategies at waterfalls. 

Normally, I like to visit a falls and scope things out before actually planing an actual photo shoot with a model, just in case there are any surprises, but things are pretty fluid right now and changing daily, so I didn’t actually have time to get there before we decided to shoot. We did manage to take a couple of wrong turns but it turned into a nice walk before we finally came to a clearing and thought “That can’t be right!?!” only to realize we were about 100 yards downstream of the actual waterfall. LOL!

We finally landed at the right spot and the waterfall was perfect! Lots of ledges and steps for me to pose our model and create some memorable and beautiful images. Take a look at Codey’s time lapse video of our session here:

I prepped Cassie about what to expect a couple of days before and she was absolutely ready to go. Her boyfriend and fellow photographer, Codey, was along to assist her and he ended up taking some behind the scenes photos and video of us creating the magic! Thanks so much Codey! 🙂

Watch for more installments of my Chasing Waterfalls series this summer as we are still mostly stuck at home and within the province and racing doesn’t look like it will be feasible until at least sometime in July. I’m still not booking client sessions because my MUA and hair team aren’t reopening until at least early July, but at least we can create some art as typically, no hair styling or MU are really required for these more natural images.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy creating them. 🙂