Glamour Fitness Session with C

C had a baby about 10 months prior and she contacted me to shoot some new fitness images to submit to the Inside Fitness Hot and Fit 100 competition and was also prepping for a bikini competition a few weeks ago. If you’ve ever met me, you know I’m not exactly the picture of fitness, so I figured that shooting fitness was going to be as close as I was going to get. LOL!

So we chatted about the look she was going for and the wardrobe she wanted to go with and hit the studio to see what we could create.

She has been working *very* hard to get herself back in shape and we think she’s done an incredible job!

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Studio Glamour with B

I’ve shot with B a couple of times over the last year and she is an absolute treat to photograph. When you point the camera, most people become at least a little shy but B absolutely lights up!

My friend, Dave Auton, and I were hanging out in his studio one day chatting about a few lighting ideas we wanted to try out and decided to give B a call and she magically appeared that afternoon!

Needless to say, the lighting test as a success. :)

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