[NSFW] Bubbles - Untold Magazine

We may be locked down for the third time in twelve months and I haven’t picked up my camera in almost a month now, but there is still some catching up to be done as there are a few shots I haven’t had the chance to share yet.

Back in February, I got a call from my friend Amber who was looking to expand on her OnlyFans content and we hashed out a few ideas. One of them was to shoot in a bathtub full of bubbles and and the idea was born! We were joined by #DreamTeam makeup artist, Bryana and my good friend Paul came along to assist and we ended up creating a pretty amazing set of images. So much so that we submitted them to several magazines and we were eventually published in 2 awesome magazines. Dominante, a French based men’s glamour magazine, and a wonderful new high end magazine, Untold, where we managed to grace the back cover!! This was a wonderful surprise and are thrilled to have been selected for this honor and to be included with some incredible talent from around the world. 😀

We can’t wait for this lockdown to end so we can get out again to start creating some gorgeous new images!

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[NSFW] Gabrielle in TSYM Magazine

While we remain under a province wide lock down and many small businesses like ours are shuttered as well for public safety, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. 

This week, vaccines were released to anyone in NS over 40 years old, case counts are slowly falling and we are hopeful that the current restrictions are loosened so we can visit our new camper in time for the Victoria Day long weekend this month. So yes, it’s a tough time right now, but things are looking up. 🙂


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Sunday Morning Sunshine - Edith Glamour with Amanda

With this publication, we top over 50 print publications over the last 4 years in a wealth of magazines from around the world. The latest is also one of our latest sessions and one of the quickest publication turnarounds we’ve seen, barely 4 weeks! Thanks to Edith Glamour for accepting this set with the incredibly talented Amanda and assisted by my good friend and fellow photographer Paul Girvan. This edition provided us with 10 gorgeous pages in the magazine feature plus the back cover!

This is the fourth time we have used this boutique hotel in Halifax’s north end for client sessions and we absolutely love the light in this particular suite! Unfortunately, this time around, the striking, high contrast light you see in the title page only lasted about 5 minutes and with the clouds, never came back all weekend as the sky clouded over and was grey for the rest of the weekend. No, don’t get me wrong, cloudy skies make for fantastic diffused light, which always looks amazing, but the high contrast early morning light is magical. 🙂

Also, when you have a wonderful model like Amanda, it’s difficult to not take amazing photos and this set looks to be one of our most popular for publication to date, with 3 sets approved so far!

You can preview and purchase your own copy here:


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[NSFW] Abandoned Angel - NUVU Magazine # 60

Another one of my favorite subjects to photograph are old abandoned spaces. I don’t get to shoot them very often but it’s amazing when the opportunity pops up. Especially when a team assembles that is as awesome as this one was… (more…)

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Blue Frame Magazine - 'Red' (NSFW)

If there was one good thing about 2020, it’s that we had a little bit of time on our hands to go back and look through some older sessions and update them with some newer editing techniques we’ve learned and to look for hidden gems we missed the first time through the sets. (more…)

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Fuse Magazine with Amber

It’s been a few years since we exercised our specialty of shooting with cars and bikes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still *love* doing it!! Did you know that we used to be called the “car guy” in actual car guy circles around this area? We have shot with some of the finest cars in Atlantic Canada from a ’47 Jaguar XK140, a ’76 Yenko Camaro, several Porsches, countless muscle cars and one of our favorites, a Lamborghini Gallardo superleggera edition.

That’s why when we got a call from our friend Amber who had a friend with a spectacular custom Yamaha R1 super bike, we knew it was time to dust off the ol’ camera and knock the rust off our bike posing skills. Then, while #DreamTeamMUA Bryana was doing her makeup for the shoot, another friend, Dropout_Rari popped in with his Alfa Romeo 4C and the shoot turned into one for the history books! 

Amber hasn’t modeled much for the last few years but “go big or go home” is apparently her motto and this shoot ROCKED!!

We also managed to get three publications from this set including one of my very favorite men’s glamour magazines, Fuse. I’ve followed Fuse for several years now and check out every single issue. We’ve had sets included in this wonderful magazine 4 times now and have been featured on their web site twice more including their third most popular video on their Youtube channel with over 14k views since it was posted this past summer.

We were so busy shooting Amber with these incredible vehicles that we actually forgot to take any video!! 🙁

But I’m sure you will forgive us. The photo set stands pretty well on it’s own. 😉

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Thorn of the Rose - Dominante Magazine (NSFW)

Some time ago, when we left our downtown studio after several years there, we decided to celebrate with a set of shoots during the final week of our residency. One of those sets included the beautiful and free spirited Rae Rose. 

During the “Covid months” early this year with not much else to do, we went back through some of these shoots to re-work several of the images using modern editing technique we have since picked up and to see if there were any gems we missed from the first time around. In this case, there were both! Resulting in a number of new edits and previously discarded images that caught our attention this time.

This set was also picked up in French Magazine DOMINANTE which features nude and boudoir fashion images from top photographers all over the world. I was thrilled to be part of such a beautifully produced magazine and to be company with some truly fine photographers too! 

The images from this set were a little too racy to share on our Instagram or Facebook feeds though, so we are limited to only sharing them here as they are *definitely* not to be considered “work safe” and we think you’ll agree! 🙂

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Boudoir weekends are back!

It’s been very tough to schedule anything this year. Between ever changing regulations and restrictions to lockdowns and cancellations. Even with these challenges, we tried very hard to shoot as often as we were able but ended up shooting only about 1/3rd of what we normally shoot in a regular year. So, since we truly believe in quality over quantity, the little we did manage to shoot ended up being some of the very best we have ever produced in our 13 year history. (more…)

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