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Hotel Boudoir with Miss C

It’s been a bit of a challenge staying creative over the last couple of years as this ongoing pandemic has shut us down yet again. That included updating and writing blog posts here too, so I apologize for not being more active with updates and sharing new work. (more…)

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Studio Portraits with Andrea

Andrea and I go back almost to the beginning of my journey photographing people a dozen years or so ago and although we’ve both been very busy over the years doing what we do, we have always stayed in touch and when Andrea asked me to help create some new portraits to help show off her “tom boy” side, or really, her true self, I said “Of course!!”

I moved into a new shared studio space in the North End of Halifax about six months ago but things have been so busy between work, client sessions, waterfalls and pandemic shutdowns that it’s been difficult to find enough time to get comfortable shooting in this new to me space. So this seemed like the perfect time to experiment and adapt some tried and true lighting techniques for the smaller space. 

Suffice it to say that we had a blast shooting these images and spent most of our time telling stories, catching up and, as expected, laughing our asses off. 😛

Andrea was thrilled with the results and I hope you enjoy them too!

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And so it goes... Again.
Thanks to a relatively small group of unthinking (or uncaring) individuals, we’ve pretty much been shut down for the next four weeks and are unable to accept any new bookings during this time and have had to reschedule several sessions that have been booked for months. 🙁
This is the third time the government has shut down “personal services” over the last year or so and it’s been difficult to say the least.
We want to take this time to thank our clients for their patience and ask that you remain diligent, wear a mask, wash your hands and be kind to each other. This will pass and hopefully we just need a *little* more patience.
We’ll see you again soon – we hope!!!
(Photo for attention from recent “Bubbles” session featuring Amber Anne with MU by Bryana Doyscher from a recent magazine publication session and for attention only)
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Client Session - Ms G

We all know 2020 was a tough year and that continues into 2021 for a lot of people. While many of us struggled through the year, a great many took the opportunity as it was presented to invest in ourselves. Whether that was to learn a new skill, 


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Client Hotel Session - Kat

I’m excited to share this excerpt from a recent client session at one of our boudoir weekends earlier this year. There is nothing we love more than when our clients approve of us sharing the results of their session. (more…)

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Boudoir weekends are back!

It’s been very tough to schedule anything this year. Between ever changing regulations and restrictions to lockdowns and cancellations. Even with these challenges, we tried very hard to shoot as often as we were able but ended up shooting only about 1/3rd of what we normally shoot in a regular year. So, since we truly believe in quality over quantity, the little we did manage to shoot ended up being some of the very best we have ever produced in our 13 year history. (more…)

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