If there was one good thing about 2020, it’s that we had a little bit of time on our hands to go back and look through some older sessions and update them with some newer editing techniques we’ve learned and to look for hidden gems we missed the first time through the sets. I ended up going through several years worth of sessions to help pass away some of the time during the early lockdown of the pandemic and one of those “gems” was a session I shot in a condo in downtown Halifax a couple of years ago featuring one of my favorite art models, Amanda.

Amanda is a wonderful human being and a beautiful person, inside and out and one of her favorite pastimes was art modeling. She has since mostly retired, but I am hoping that once the weather gets warmer this spring, I may be able to talk her into joining me for my waterfall sessions. Fingers crossed. 🙂

I’ve been following Blue Frame magazine for a little while now and although it only has a fairly small online following, it seems to have a solid level of consistency of quality and variety of content for a boutique fine art nude magazine, so I though it would be the perfect home for this reworked set of images from Amanda. Sure enough, we were quickly accepted and the publication dropped earlier this week and features all seven of the images I reworked and submitted to them in a four page spread.

Seeing this in print makes me miss shooting fine art nude boudoir images. I think i need to find a way to do more of this as I think you’ll agree, the resulting images are quite beautiful. 🙂