2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty. Thanks to the global pandemic, most of the service industries, across the world, were shut down to “flatten the curve” and here in Nova Scotia Premier MacNeil pleaded for us Bluenosers to “Stay the blazes home!”

This shut down lasted almost 5 months and although I had lots of things to do around the house to get caught up on, photography wasn’t one of them. It also helped spawn some new fads like web cam based photo shoots, which thankfully didn’t last very long! 😛

I didn’t participate in any of these “fads” and since we couldn’t even have visits from our children or our barely 1 year old grandson, my camera sat completely dormant from mid-March right through until early July so when my friend Paul asked me to join him to help out with a beach shoot with local model Mikayla, I jumped at the chance to get out of the house and it didn’t take much effort to twist my arm to bring my camera and take a few shots of my own too!

We met at Crystal Crescent Beach, just outside of Halifax, near Sambro around diner time and masks and telephoto lenses in hand hiked to a secluded section of the second beach to chat and shoot and laugh – a lot! We had a great time shooting for a couple of hours on the beach and although the sunset didn’t really cooperate, the beach itself an surrounding area presented some fantastic inspiration for the shoot.

Paul and I have shot together a lot over the last couple of years and as I’ve said before here, he is probably the top fitness photographer in the region. Just like golf, where players tend to play similarly to the level of the players they are with, Paul and I tend to push each other to be better photographers with a fun and friendly competitive spirit! We both tend to get better images as a result and our team *always* has a blast!

This time was no different and even though neither of us had many opportunities to be creative for several months, we both ended up with some amazing images and needless to say, Mikayla proved an integral part of the creative process too! The results were incredible and the shots were just published today in Issue # 30 of my favorite magazine, Andivero.

Visit www.andivero.com to subscribe and get your own free digital copy which includes the full 12-page spread of Mikayla’s beautiful images! You’ll find the published set of images below as well as a couple unpublished favorites as a bonus. Enjoy!!