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[NSFW] Gabrielle in TSYM Magazine

While we remain under a province wide lock down and many small businesses like ours are shuttered as well for public safety, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  This week, vaccines were released to anyone in NS over 40 years old, case counts are slowly falling and we are hopeful that […]

And so it goes… Again.

  Thanks to a relatively small group of unthinking (or uncaring) individuals, we’ve pretty much been shut down for the next four weeks and are unable to accept any new bookings during this time and have had to reschedule several sessions that have been booked for months.   This is the third time the government […]

Sunday Morning Sunshine – Edith Glamour with Amanda

With this publication, we top over 50 print publications over the last 4 years in a wealth of magazines from around the world. The latest is also one of our latest sessions and one of the quickest publication turnarounds we’ve seen, barely 4 weeks! Thanks to Edith Glamour for accepting this set with the incredibly […]

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