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Andivero Magazine – Submission Shoot with Brittany

I’m slowly getting back on my feet and getting caught up on a few things that have slipped through the cracks while I was sick with the worst flu (no, not the “man” flu – LOL!) for almost exactly a full month. I thought my wife was going to put...

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Fine Art Session with Laura (NSFW)

I managed to get my hands on an incredibly cool location a little while ago, a 17th century mansion located in the Annapolis Valley. Gorgeous spot… I really wanted to explore some of the character of the mansion while creating some moody images with the model I...

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Bridal Boudoir with Mrs B

When we were first contacted by Mrs B last summer about shooting her very first ever boudoir session before her wedding so she could gift her special images to her husband on their wedding night, we were very excited to oblige. We met in person a couple of times to...

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Xpressions Magazine – The Ka (NSFW)

It’s been a crazy busy year and I hope to add a few more updates over the coming weeks but I wanted to share this bit of good news right away. 🙂 We’ve been published for our third time in Xpressions Magazine (

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Mini Fitness Session with Miss K

Just before the big East Coast fitness championship a few weeks ago, we were contacted by Miss K to help her document her fitness accomplishment as well as create some images that were also a little edgy, a little sexy and at the same time showed her inner feminine...

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Studio Boudoir with Miss R

I met new model Miss R during an online discussion in a model and photographer group about a new “modeling agency” that has started to appear in Halifax recently. I’ve been an advocate for model safety and rights for almost as long as I’ve been...

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Fine Art Session with Laura at Fire Brook Falls (NSFW)

I’ve been wandering around Nova Scotia for about 6 years now photographing waterfalls. About 4 years ago, it dawned on me how the natural beauty of nature in all its splendor still paled until the curve of the female form was incorporated into those flowing...

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Ms V’s Studio Portfolio Session

I met Ms V a few months ago at a photography event in Nova Scotia’s incredible Annapolis Valley. We’ve been trying to find an opportunity to shoot together ever since. Ms V is  a single mom and a business owner who has discovered the fun and...

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Mikayla – Portfolio / Studio Boudoir

One of the most common comments I get about the photos posted here is “I’ll never be as skinny” or “I’ll never look like those girls” so I’ve been looking to expand my postings to try to better represent some of the looks you...

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  • October 3, 2016 at 7:52 am

    I think you should display a little more of the photoshoots and your work, you do an awesome job

    • November 15, 2016 at 10:54 am

      Thanks Amanda! I’m working on a few new things that will be coming up soon. 🙂


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